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001Xincon Home Health Care Services Inc. is a Licensed Home Care Services Agency in the State of New York. We service Manhattan, Bronx, Kings, Queens, Staten Island and Westchester County.

Xincon Home Health Care Services Inc. has grown quickly in size and reputation since its founding. Over 50% of management team members hold postgraduate qualifications at Master’s Degree level or higher and many are bilingual or trilingual. We utilize the latest information technology and up-to-date healthcare knowledge to ensure we deliver the best in patient care.

From inception, Xincon Home Health Care Services Inc. has maintained an effective and efficient reporting system, facilitating accurate and timely communication between Xincon and its clientele. We believe that strong management and excellent communication have contributed to the company’s strong and sustained growth.

To maintain the continuity of high quality services, each home health care program is designed and tailored to suit the needs of the individual patient and their family. Each patient’s unique needs are assessed in terms of required medical, psychological and emotional assistance.

A Xincon tailored home health care plan may include the assistance of registered or licensed practical nurses, home health aides, personal care aides, physical therapists, occupational and speech therapists, social workers, housekeepers and homemakers. Xincon Home Health Care Services Inc. also provides health care education for the client, client’s family and the community. Our multi-lingual health care team is able to assist patients who speak English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, FuzHounese, Shanghainese, Russian, French and other languages and dialects.

All our personnel are thoroughly screened prior to commencement. Xincon’s personnel undergo ongoing training to increase their knowledge and keep up to date with best practices. All care providers receive special training in assisting patients with Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia.