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There are a variety of reasons our clients choose home health care. They include:

  • Skilled care provided by our nurses or health aides is often more than the client’s family or friends can offer.
  • Caring for another can be a demanding task. With the assistance of professional home health care services, family caregivers are given a chance to replenish their often depleted physical and emotional reserves.
  • A physician may have deemed it medically necessary for in-home health care to be received.
  • Home health care professionals can administer medication, assist with the activities of daily living and offer specialized care giving in such areas as rehabilitation.
  • With a tailored home health care plan our clients are able to increase their level of independence without loss of dignity or pride.
  • It’s more comfortable, reassuring and relaxing for a client needing ongoing care to have that care provided in their home environment.
  • Home health care may allow for early hospital discharge and can prevent or postpone institutionalization.
  • It can be cost effective, when compared to hospital nursing home care.
  • Home health care supplements the client family’s efforts and resources in caring for loved ones at home. This enables families to stay together at an important time.