Xincon Home Health Care Services Q&A

Q: Why choose a licensed home care services agency (LHCSA)?

A: Home care services like Xincon are provided by state-regulated agencies and designed with patient safety in mind. Home care services secured through a licensed agency have oversight that ensures the health and safety of patients and workers, including:

  • Ongoing worker training
  • Health screenings
  • Worker immunization
  • Criminal history record checks

In addition, licensed agencies maintain quality improvement committees as well as a consumer complaint process, and are regularly surveyed by the state to ensure compliance.

When you hire licensed home health providers like Xincon, you get full coverage regardless of what’s going on in the world around you.

If your regular home health aide is ill, we will send a backup who can perform the same services with complete knowledge of your needs. If there is severe weather in your area, we will implement an emergency plan to ensure patients are not left stranded. If you or your family is not pleased with the performance of your aide, our agency will work to find a better fit for you. The bottom line is that hiring from a licensed agency is the safest way to provide care for your family and loved ones.

Q: What is Xincon’s service area?

A: We supply home health solutions to patients in The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and Long Island.

Q: How do I qualify for Medicaid or Medicare coverage?

A: Both Medicaid and Medicare benefits require that patients meet certain criteria. We have client advisors who can help you apply for these benefits. For other payment options, please refer to our “How do I pay for home health services?” section below.

Q: How do I pay for home health services?

A: Our client advisors have extensive industry knowledge and hands-on experience to help you find the best payment options. We work with certified home health care agencies and other city agencies to provide home care services through your Medicaid and Medicare benefits. We also accept major long-term insurance policies, no-fault insurance, and private pay. Flexible payment plans can also be arranged. Please contact our client advisors at 212-560-9218.

Q: What can I do to switch to Xincon from my current service provider?

A: Please call (212) 560-9218 or email us at Our care coordinators will advise you on what to do and assist you through the entire process to prevent any interruptions to your service.